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May 26, 2020
Category: Cardiology

A heart-healthy lifestyle entails understanding all of your heart disease risk factors, making the right choices, and taking the necessary steps to minimize your risk of developing harmful conditions. By taking the following preventive steps and working with your cardiologist, Dr. Leith Abdulla of Leith Abdulla Cardiology in Rockville and Olney, MD, you can reduce your heart disease risk and improve your general wellbeing.

Know and Understand Your Risk Factors

Your risk level is dependent on various factors, with some being modifiable, and others, unfortunately not. These risk factors are habits or conditions that make you more likely to develop some sort of heart disease, and these are different from one person to another. So you need to know your specific risks and work towards decreasing them.

Keep Your Weight at a Healthy Level

Ask your cardiologist about what BMI, or body mass index, is the most appropriate for you. Observing a heart-healthy diet and working out regularly are tried-and-true ways to achieve and preserve a healthy weight.

Opt for Foods That Nourish Your Heart

Eating for your heart and overall health involves selecting foods like veggies and fruits, while restricting others like added sugars, trans fat, and saturated fats.

Keep Your Cholesterol and Blood Pressure Levels in Check

High blood cholesterol and blood pressure levels are two of the most significant heart disease risk factors. You will need to work with your cardiologist in our Olney, MD, or Rockville, MD, office to ensure that these levels are always in check.

Work Out Regularly

When starting on a new work out regimen, ask your cardiologist about what kinds and how much exercise are safe to do based on your overall health.

Get Quality Sleep

Whenever you sleep at night, your body works to maintain physical health and support proper cognitive function. Not receiving adequate sleep over time could increase your risk of both heart disease and other kinds of chronic health issues as well.

To Learn More About How to Live a Heart-Friendly Lifestyle, We Can Help

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